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Email Update from 3/9/13

Casey Project Update—deadline for comments is Wednesday, March 13, 2013!

Why you should send MassDOT a written comment when they seem to not care:
1. Numbers count. Our elected officials will act only when they see most people think the at-grade scheme is wrong.
2. Ask a question in writing and ask for a written response. MassDOT responds to the City, utility  companies, etc. and they should treat the public with the same respect. We need their responses in writing to help make our case.
3. This was a design public hearing. The design is flawed. Let MassDOT know it forgot the bridge.
4. MassDOT is counting on us giving up. We will disappoint them!

We need 150 people to send comments to MassDOT  elected officials by Wed., March 13.
Suggestions for design issues to raise:
1. Pedestrian crossings are too long because there are too many lanes.
2. How will this scheme be safer than with a bridge?
3. Bike lanes were promised to help avoid pedestrian conflicts. Why were they removed? Put bike lanes back.
4. Eliminating the mid-block crossing from the Southwest Corridor to the station will force anyone not headed directly to the Orange Line platform out of their way just to cross the street.
5. Shea Circle is a historic resource and should be improved, not destroyed and replaced with a giant intersection.
6. Eliminating the Rte. 39 bus berth will degrade service.
7. Eliminating drop-off spaces at a transit hub is stupid and dangerous. People will continue to stop on New Washington Street.
8. Explain how putting 10 cab stands on the new parkway fits into Olmsted’s vision
    ...and anything else about this plan that you don’t like

Three ways to send written comments to MassDOT by March 13 (pick one!)
Everyone who doesn't like this project needs to comment even if you spoke at the hearing.  Numbers count!
1. Use attached self-mailer (requires 46-cent stamp)
2. Use your own paper and mail to:
     Thomas F. Broderick, P.E.
     MassDOT, Highway Division
     10 Park Plaza
     Boston, MA  02116-3973
     Project No. 605511 (important to include this)
3. E-mail:   dot.feedback.highway@state.ma.us

Final Step:
Apparently, some of our elected officials are deaf or are not acknowledging the numbers of THEIR constituents—not cyclists from Somerville or landscape architects from Cambridge—who are opposed to the at-grade scheme. Please send copies to the legislators and us:


You can also cc any or all of the following:

Thanks again for your continuing support to replace the Casey,

Your Friends and Advocates of Bridging Forest Hills